• How often can I bathe my dog?

    Pets live in closer quarters with us than ever before, including in the bed with some of us, many pet lovers are wanting to keep their pets as clean as possible. Pet owners have heard some kind of warning about “not bathing a dog too often because it dries out the skin”.  And it is true that a ha... View Post
  • What's the best way to remove eye stains?

    Eliminating stubborn, unsightly tear stains is a real challenge The tear stains are extremely stubborn and notoriously difficult to get rid of, but the skin around the eyes is delicate.   Tear Stains are created when the reddish stains appear when porphyrin, a pigment found in tears, accumulates ... View Post
  • Does my dog need conditioner ?

    A Good Conditioner Benefits the Coat and the Skin! For humans, we think of hair care and skincare as two separate things. But since our pets have hair all over their bodies, hair care and skincare become one.  Benefits of A Dog Conditioner It repairs skin and coat. The job of a conditioner is to... View Post