Healthy Pet Tips

  • Runny Eyes in Dogs: How to Treat and When to Seek Help

    Dog eye discharge — whether in the form of dog eye boogers, green eye discharge or something else — can be completely normal… or not. So it can be confusing for Pet Parents to know what to do. View Post
  • The Incredible Healing Power of Chamomile - Inside and Outside the Body!

    You’ve probably heard of Chamomile Tea… It is beloved by many, and is often considered calming. Chamomile is an herb that has been used for thousands of years. It can help promote sleep, relieve stress, and alleviate stomach ailments. It also acts as a natural medicine to ease heartburn and nause... View Post
  • How to Get Virtual Veterinary Care When You Can't Make It To Your Regular Vet

    During the pandemic, many U.S. households welcomed a new pet into their homes. That surge in pet ownership also increased demand for veterinarian appointments, and many clinics are struggling to keep up with demand. In addition, pet owners who travel with their pets may need advice from a license... View Post
  • Keeping Your Dog Safe in Summer Heat

    Everyone loves Summer! The long days, the vacation time, and fun in the sun make summer the most enjoyable time of year. And while we often want to include our pets in the fun, we have to be watching out for their special needs. View Post
  • How to Deal With Hot Spots

    Dog skin problems can range from minor to major, with Hot Spots being one of the most severe. Our Veterinarian Experts tell us that a Hot Spot starts with an initial skin irritation. That original irritation can have many different causes...

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