Healthy Pet Tips

  • How often can I bathe my dog?

    Pets live in closer quarters with us than ever before, including in the bed with some of us, many pet lovers are wanting to keep their pets as clean as possible. Pet owners have heard some kind of warning about “not bathing a dog too often because it dries out the skin”.  And it is true that a ha... View Post
  • Keeping Your Dog's Paw's Clean in the times of Corona Virus

    How to keep your Dog's  paws clean during the times of Corona Virus View Post
  • Pets and Corona Virus.... What Do We Know ?

    To our pet loving friends... these are trying times and there's a ton of information swirling around. Sometimes it's hard to sort through what's legitimate and what's not.

    We don't claim to be scientists, but we wanted to share a quick summary of what we think is the best information available so far on Pets and Corona Virus.

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