Healthy Pet Tips

Pets live in closer quarters with us than ever before, including in the bed with some of us, many pet lovers are wanting to keep their pets as clean as possible. Pet owners have heard some kind of warning about “not bathing a dog too often because it dries out the skin”. 
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Your dog's wellness routine can help enhance their quality of life and extend their lifespan to remain in your pack for several years to come. We recommend a holistic approach to pet wellness, by compiling the latest pet wellness tips into a comprehensive wellness routine that also fits into your lifestyle.
  • 5 min read
Training a new puppy is so important. Like kids, puppies do not come with “manners.” They have to be “civilized.” At minimum they need to know the basics of living in a household with humans and possibly other animals. I recently got a new puppy… a delightful chocolate Lab named Charlie.
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The benefits of green tea for humans are no secret. Did you know there are many health and skincare benefits of green tea for dogs too?
  • 5 min read
Of all the cute things dogs do, cocking their head to one side while they look at you may be the most endearing. Yet surprisingly little research has looked into why they do it. Now, a new study of “gifted” canines—those capable of quickly memorizing multiple toy names—shows they often tilt their heads before correctly retrieving a specific toy. That suggests the behavior might be a sign of concentration and recall in our canine pals, the team suggests.
  • 3 min read