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Pet Care from Anywhere

If you’ve tried to get an in-person Vet appointment in the past year or so, you’ve probably noticed that it’s harder than ever before.

There was a surge in pet ownership during the COVID pandemic, and that combined with new safety procedures means that many clinics are struggling to keep up with demand and have longer than normal wait times.

Many of us Pet Parents have recently experienced Virtual medical visits ourselves, and so it’s natural to think why not for our pets as well?

Here at TrueBlue Pet Products, our mission is to help you care for your pet's total wellness. We wanted to make it super easy to find a Vet and schedule an appointment. So we teamed up with Hello Ralphie to offer Virtual Vet Visits.

With Hello Ralphie’s technology, we’re able to connect pet parents with licensed veterinarians through live chat and video appointments on their iOS app and website. The platform offers pet owners a convenient and affordable approach to quality pet care with excellent customer service!

Whether you can’t find an available in-person appointment, or your pet gets super-stressed out when going to the Vet office, we can offer an excellent on-line alternative. Click the button below to find a Vet and make an Appointment.

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