Pure & Sure Puppy Shampoo

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Size: 12 oz.

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Now you can easily keep your new puppy clean with an extra-gentle, soothing, tear-free bath.This shampoo was carefully designed to clean without stripping the beneficial natural oils in your puppy’s coat. Bathe your puppy as often as you like without worrying about drying out the skin, itching, or flaking!

Key Benefits

  • An all-natural botanical blend with milk and honey
  • Contains milk to gently cleans a puppy’s delicate skin
  • Oatmeal is nature’s perfect moisturizer for skin and coat
  • Tear-free formula with no detergents, parabens, phosphates, or alcohol
  • Made in the USA



Water, Natural Cleansers (Derived from Coconut, Corn, and Palm), Organic Milk Protein, Organic Honey, Oat Kernel Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Fragrance (Essential Oil Blend), Natural Preservatives.



Massage into wet coat, lather and rinse thoroughly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Ines Berrocal c/o TransAudit

Have tried other shampoo and conditioner with my previous dogs and nothing works like this brand.

Keila Townson
Have used it for 7 years, nothing better!

We’ve been using this on our yorkie since she was a pup. She’s 7 years old now and her hair has never matted or tangled. This never irritates her skin or eyes and the scent is so soothing!

Theresa Schuett
Easy on the Skin

Love the way my puppy feels after bathing her and how clean she feels.

Pure & Sure Puppy Shampoo - Still using it 1+ years later

I brought my puppy home in early 2019 and ordered the Pure & Sure puppy shampoo because she's a German shepherd and they often have sensitive skin. She was 15 pounds of fluff and the shampoo was perfect. Now she's almost two years old and 70 pounds and I am still ordering this puppy shampoo! Here's why. This shampoo has never irritated her skin. She is a "mountain/forest" dog and spends her days in mud, sap, organic debris, you name it. And she is an all-white shepherd. Because of skin sensitivity, it's usually recommended bathing only once every few months, but because of her lifestyle, I bathe her every week. And again she's never reacted to this shampoo. Here's the other amazing thing. I've read through the ingredients and I can't figure out how it works so well, but this shampoo actually washes out the sap from her fur. Where we live, the dirt is that deep rust/red within a day or two after her bath, she's starting to match the dirt. I bought whitening shampoo, wondering how that would work on her, but the Pure & Sure puppy shampoo actually leaves her whiter than the whitening shampoo! Crazy, right? So even though she's huge now and I go through the puppy shampoo bottles super fast, this is the only the shampoo I use for my full-grown white GSD. This stuff has my highest recommendation.

Great product

Love this product for my dog’s sensitive skin