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Our Retailer Partners Love our TrueBlue Products!

TrueBluePets has proven success at retail --  it delivers the margin and turns to earn and keep shelf space with key retailers.

That’s because the product really delivers to the consumer. If pet owners try TrueBlue once, then they almost always love the products. We know that the key to success is sampling. If we get the product on the shelf, and get the consumer to try it once, then the repeat business takes care of itself.


Here's what they have to say :

“This is the best selling grooming line that I’ve ever carried. My customers have been raving about it. The dedication to quality and concern for using only the best ingredients is evident immediately. I highly recommend the products.”Jean McCoy – Wagging Tail Owner Santa Monica, CA

“TrueBlue is our most popular line of shampoos and grooming products. It’s a perfect complement to our mission of carrying only all-natural and eco-friendly products, and it’s a great value to the consumer!” Zach Grey – Owner  Urban Pet


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