Summer Fun with Dogs!

  • 3 min read

Summer is short, so make the most of it by bringing your dog along on your fun summer adventures. Check to be sure your pup is welcome ahead of time, then make some summer memories that will last forever.

Do be aware that summer temperatures can provide some challenges…. See our blog post about keeping your dog safe in summer heat.

Here are some ideas for summer fun with dogs. Let us know what your favorites are!

Night on the Town

Couple having dinner at outdoor restaurant with their dog

How about a dinner date with your best four-legged friend? Summertime means restaurant patio season is in full swing. Check with local restaurants in your area for dog-friendly patio dining options.

If your dog’s table manners leave a lot to be desired, grab some take out and make it a picnic at a nearby park.

Sprinkle, Swim, and Splash

Girl and her dog playing with a sprinkler

It’s an oldie but a goodie; splashing around with some cool water play. Take your dog for a romp through the sprinkler, play water games with the garden hose, or if you have a pool, let your pup go for a swim! You can even get a kiddie pool and toss some of your pup’s favorite toys into it so he can have his own personal splash zone. Make sure to always watch your pup around water, even if he’s a brilliant swimmer.

Drive-in Movie Date

Drive-In Movie Theater sign

Drive-in movie theaters are not only fun for the whole family, but fun for your pup too! Your dog gets to spend quality time with the family and gets plenty of enrichment by visiting a new place and interacting with new people and other dogs.

Many drive-in theaters recognize the perks of bringing your dog to the movies, and most have special areas set aside for your dog to do her business.

Some also have doggie appropriate food items for sale at the snack bar as well. The drive-in is a great opportunity for a night under the stars with your dog by your side.

Hit the Beach

Dog lying down at the beach

The beach is a traditional destination for summer, but imagine how relaxing it could be with your dog trotting at your side as the gentle waves lap at your feet. Spend a day soaking up the rays with your dog.

Make sure you go to dog-friendly beaches, keep your pup out of choppy waters, and provide sun protection for him. With some careful preparation, you and your dog can relax in the sand and sun.

Camp It Up

Family camping with their dog

Summer is a perfect time to spend a weekend camping, and what better way to explore nature than with your dog at your side? Many state and national parks accommodate dogs in both tent and cabin settings.

Remember to have your dog up to date on her vaccinations and be sure to apply flea and tick medication before you set out for the campsite.

If your dog tends to wander, you may need to bring a crate to keep him in at night. Double check leash regulations at the campgrounds, then pack your belongings and your pup and connect with nature.

Visit the Farmer's Market

Dog stands next to his parent's legs at the Farmer's Market

Farmer’s markets are open every weekend during the summer season, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for you and your dog to contribute to your community while enjoying a summer’s day.

For your dog, the farmer’s market offers the chance to encounter new people and scents. There may be some vendors who offer all-natural dog food and homemade treats too! Check to be sure your local farmer’s market allows dogs before you go.