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What Customers Are Saying

"My dog hates to have her teeth brushed and it is such a fight to get the toothbrush in her mouth. These Dental Wipes are so much easier to use then a toothbrush and my dog actually liked the taste. I will definitely buy again."

Holly Jewel and her mixed breed Bella

Pittsburgh, KS

"My dog had a problem with dark brown waxy build-up in her ears. Her ears are an angry red color, and she would scratch and whine.cleaned her ears today, I noticed that they were no longer red, they looked pale pink, and  I am super impressed with this product!"

Thomas Kraslavsky and his Pointer Lucy

Yarmouth, ME

"Love your Body & Paw wipes--so does my little fur ball! They smell delightful and are not irritating to his skin. Great for in between baths or wiping dirty paws."

Susan McMurray and her mixed breed Jessie

New Orleans, LA

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