Total Pet Wellness

We believe Pet Wellness starts with preventative health maintenance. TrueBlue products offer easy-to-use yet super-effective pet care solutions that promote optimal pet health.

Regular use of TrueBlue products can help guard against some of the most common ailments of the skin, teeth, and ears. And that means not only happier pets, but fewer costly vet visits as well!


Natural Ingredients That Work

New! Healing Help Skin Repair Spray

We’re excited to launch the latest Wellness product in our line-up: Healing Hemp Skin Repair Spraywith Full Spectrum CBD oil.

Do The Right Thing

We are not only committed to making great products, but making good choices as well.

That’s why we Protect the Environment by using bottles made from PCR recycled plastic.  That’s why we Give Back to the pet-loving community by supporting shelters and rescue organizations across the country. And that’s why all our ingredients are locally sourced, and our products are Made in the USA.

Summer is short, so make the most of it by bringing your dog along on your fun summer adventures. Check to be sure your pup is welcome ahead of time, then make some summer memories that will last forever.
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Pets live in closer quarters with us than ever before, including in the bed with some of us, many pet lovers are wanting to keep their pets as clean as possible. Pet owners have heard some kind of warning about “not bathing a dog too often because it dries out the skin”. 
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Your dog's wellness routine can help enhance their quality of life and extend their lifespan to remain in your pack for several years to come. We recommend a holistic approach to pet wellness, by compiling the latest pet wellness tips into a comprehensive wellness routine that also fits into your lifestyle.
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