How to Get Virtual Veterinary Care When You Can't Make It To Your Regular Vet

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During the pandemic, many U.S. households welcomed a new pet into their homes. That surge in pet ownership also increased demand for veterinarian appointments, and many clinics are struggling to keep up with demand. In addition, pet owners who travel with their pets may need advice from a licensed veterinarian if an emergency comes up or if their pet starts to display abnormal behavior. 

Here at TrueBlue Pet Products, our mission is to care for your pet's total wellness. We know that many pet parents have recently experienced virtual medical visits for themselves, so why not for our pets as well? How can we make it super simple to consult with a trusted veterinarian when the need arises? That's why we've teamed up with Hello Ralphie. 

Hello Ralphie connects pet parents with licensed veterinarians through live chat and video appointments on its iOS app and website. The platform offers pet owners a convenient and affordable approach to quality pet care.

"Pet parents are searching online for information to make informed decisions and they've become accustomed to on-demand and on-the-go products,” says Dr. Megan Conrad, a veterinarian who offers appointments through Hello Ralphie. “Veterinary medicine is evolving to meet pet parents where they are -- whether that’s helping pet parents understand their pets' symptoms, or guiding parents on ways to promote their pets' overall health.”

Many pets experience anxiety about trips to the vet. Hello Ralphie provides a stress-free experience in addition to being the most convenient option for parents who need expert advice, but can't find an available in-person appointment nearby. Hello Ralphie also provides an affordable alternative to in-person visits when you aren't sure if an emergency visit is needed.

We think Hello Ralphie is on the frontier of pet medicine and on top of everything else, they provide excellent customer service. We are proud to partner with Hello Ralphie to provide this exciting new option for your pet's total wellness.

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