Why We LOVE Grapefruit! The healthy pet benefits of this natural cleanser.

  • 2 min read
We use Organic Grapefruit as a key ingredient in many of our products, and thought you’d like to hear why.
But let me step back for a minute and talk a little more about the ingredients we use. We have a product development mantra of “Nature + Science”. When we started TrueBlue, we knew that we wanted toonly use natural ingredients. But we also understood that not every natural ingredient is right for cats and dogs.
So we worked with a team of expert Vet researchers at a leading University… that’s the “Science” side of the equation.
They helped us to identify key pet health needs and to pick only thesafest and most effective natural ingredients to use in our products.
OK, so back to Grapefruit! This as a key ingredient in three of our products…. SuperFresh Dog Shampoo, Fresh-in-a-Flash Cleansing Spray, and SuperFresh Body & Paw Wipes.
In pet bathing products, the challenge is to make products that clean well, but don’t dry out the skin. Not that long ago, many pet parents used dish soap as their dog shampoo. And then they noticed that after a bath, the dog might look clean, but was often scratching like mad. That’s because the dish soap was super drying to the pet’s skin. Because of this, they would not be willing to bathe their dogs very often.
But these days we live in so much closer proximity with our pets. And that makes it more important than ever that they be clean…. Like if they are sleeping on the bed with us!
Grapefruit is terrific because it cleansesbeautifully, but doesn’t strip out the beneficial natural oils in your pet’s coat.
That means you can use our SuperFresh Dog Shampoo, Fresh-in-a-Flash Cleansing Spray, or SuperFresh Body & Paw Wipes as often as you like without worrying about causing dry, flaky itchy, skin!
And it also has that beautiful, light, natural scent.