Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean is Easier Than Ever

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Introduction: Is This Really Necessary?

As a loving pet parent, you do everything possible to keep your dog healthy by buying the right food, grooming, and giving them plenty of exercise. But are you paying enough attention to their oral care? Is it really that important? Absolutely.

Fast & Fresh Dental Wipes

Fast & Fresh Dental Wipes


Dental disease is one of the leading causes of severe long term health problems in dogs. 

How can that be? Gum disease leads to harmful bacteria that can get into your pet's bloodstream. This is known to cause heart, liver, and kidney problems over a lifetime of poor dental care. Aside from costly vet bills, gum disease can be chronically painful for your pet.  Does your pet's breath smell? Bad breath is an early warning sign of periodontal disease. 

We all know oral care is important. We do it for ourselves. But between the pain of brushing your pet’s teeth and the expense of professional cleanings, many pet owners neglect this important aspect of their pet’s health. 

That’s why we believe the best dental care technique is the one you will actually use on a regular basis. 

Even as someone in the pet wellness business, I was guilty of not doing enough about dental care for my own dog, Sam. I did take him for annual professional cleanings, but I wasn’t doing anything in between. I had tried brushing, but just found it too much of a pain in the neck to do regularly.

Healthy Pet Tip

I was working with a group of top veterinary researchers at Washington State University as we developed our TrueBlue products. As one of the vets said to me, “Imagine if you took your children to have their teeth cleaned professionally but then never had them brush in between those visits!"

So we started talking about how TrueBlue could help pet parents take better care of their pet’s oral health. At first I wanted to develop something that would be super easy to use - like something you put in the pet’s water, or a gel that you could spray into their mouth. 

But the veterinary experts strongly advised against that. They said that removing plaque is the key to dental health, and you really need FRICTION to do that. They said, “That’s why we humans brush our teeth. If it were possible to really remove plaque with a wash or rinse, wouldn’t we all be doing that ourselves?” 

So we started thinking about how we could develop something that was like brushing, but easier for most pet parents. And that’s how we came up with the idea of pre-moistened Dental Wipes. We developed an all-natural cleansing solution that included peppermint, parsley, and baking soda. And then we created a round textured pad that was just the right size and shape to wrap around your finger. 


TrueBlue Pet Products founder Doug Gleason demonstrates how to use Fast & Fresh Dental Wipes

Finally, we have the perfect alternative to brushing. 

With the pad moving across the teeth, you’re getting that friction that is so key to plaque removal. Because the pad is textured it works extra hard, similar to a brush. The baking soda and peppermint in the cleaning solution fight plaque and bacteria, and the parsley helps freshen the breath. 

Pads are so much easier than brushing for a number of reasons: 

  • First, your finger is less threatening to a dog than approaching them with a foreign object like a brush, so the dog is less anxious. 
  • Second, you don’t have to worry about getting the toothpaste onto the brush. 
  • And finally, because you have so much more control over your finger vs a brush, you can get the job done in less time, and everyone benefits from that!

    And then there’s our final “secret” ingredient. The cleaning solution includes an odorless liver flavor, and that makes the whole deal a bit more enjoyable for the pet. We have many customers tell us that their dog actually looks forward to the cleaning - that they get excited when they see their “parent” reach for the jar of TrueBlue Dental Wipes. 

    One final note: We still recommend that you take your pet in for regular professional cleanings. Just like what we do for ourselves and our children! TrueBlue Dental Wipes are SAFE for your dog. All of our products are made in the USA, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, pet pH balanced, and biodegradable.

    How To Clean Your Pet’s Teeth Using Dental Wipes

    Let’s get you started. Proper care is what makes the difference between healthy dog teeth and an oral condition that could be causing your dog discomfort (or even pain).

    How often should I clean my dog’s teeth? 

    Like humans, it is ideal to clean your dog's teeth on a regular basis. For many dogs, once cleaning becomes a part of their daily routine they will begin to expect and enjoy it. Cleaning their teeth three times a week at minimum is the recommended amount.

    How to Use a TrueBluePets Dental Wipe:

    1. Make cleaning your dog’s teeth a positive event that your dog looks forward to. Reward your dog with lots of positive energy and pets and/or a treat for coming to you to clean their teeth and give them a treat afterwards. 
    2. Roll the dental wipe over your fingers.
    3. Gently pull back your dog’s gums and gently move the wipe over their teeth and gums.
    4. Check the pad to see if you are using enough gentle friction to remove the plaque.
    5. If your dog is resistant and won’t sit still, take small steps and increase the cleaning time a bit each day until they are comfortable.

      Easier Than Brushing

      The Bottom Line:

      Whether you've tried other teeth cleaning methods or have never given much thought to your pet's dental health, we highly encourage you to give our dental wipes a try. We think you'll agree this is the easiest and most effective way to keep those teeth clean and promote healthy gums. Both are critical for the long-term health of your best friend.

        See For Yourself How Easy Dental Care Can Be.
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