The Incredible Healing Power of Chamomile - Inside and Outside the Body!

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You’ve probably heard of Chamomile Tea… It is beloved by many, and is often considered calming.

Chamomile is an herb that has been used for thousands of years. It can help promote sleep, relieve stress, and alleviate stomach ailments. It also acts as a natural medicine to ease heartburn and nausea. But the soothing plant has powers beyond improving our insides. It can also provide natural benefits for our pets.

Did you know that Chamomile also has many properties that make it a great ingredient in hair and skin care products? While often consumed in its tea form, it can also be made into essential oils or tinctures for a wide variety of uses.

If you pay attention to ingredient lists on human beauty products, you've may have noticed chamomile cropping up. It is popular with skincare products formulated to calm, heal, and soothe skin—and for good reason. According to NYU Dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner, chamomile contains "high levels of an antioxidant known as apigenin, which explains its effects on the skin."

In the Human world, chamomile has been used in topical products for centuries. It has anti-bacterial properties that benefit both the skin and the hair.

Treating Mild Skin Conditions

If you're looking for an all-natural treatment for eczema, acne, sunburn, psoriasis, and small cuts and scrapes, turn to chamomile. Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians recognized chamomile's incredible healing properties. They used it to clean and dress wounds.

The powerful antioxidants in Chamomile can help the skin to regenerate, tighten pores, and slow down the effects of aging.

Promoting a healthy scalp and eliminating dandruff

Dandruff is often an issue for people with dry scalp or damaged skin and hair. Chamomile promotes a healthy scalp and can get rid of dandruff when used as a final rinse on your hair.

Chamomile Promotes Healthy Hair

Another topical use of chamomile is to promote healthier, shinier hair. Chamomile soothes inflammation and detoxes, which is excellent for the hair follicle and regrowth.

It nourishes the hair by keeping it moisturized. The healing properties of Chamomile help fight the damage caused by harmful UV rays of sun, dirt, dust, and grime.

It also helps to condition the hair, adding luster and sheen. It helps to keep hair soft and smooth, with a natural shine.

Dog running in field of grass and flowers

Chamomile is just as safe and effective for our Pets.

Our product development philosophy at TrueBlue is “Nature + Science”. What we mean by that is that we start off by only looking at all-natural ingredients.

But we also know that not every natural ingredient is right for all animals. So we worked with a team of research Vets at a leading University to select only those natural ingredients that are both safe and effective for pets.

That’s why we use Chamomile in several of our products, including Super Fresh Deodorizing Shampoo, Natural Balance Conditioning Shampoo, and Super Fresh Body & Paw Wipes.

Chamomile's anti-microbial properties work exceptionally well for healing minor skin infections and itchiness. Dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors are especially likely to be exposed to environmental irritants. Our Shampoos are a great way to pamper your pup in a soothing chamomile bath. And our Super Fresh Body & Paw Wipes also feature chamomile to keep those irritants in check between baths. Chamomile also provides a mild astringent that is useful for keep eyes, ears, and teeth clean.