Pet Products with Natural Ingredients that Actually Work! The True Blue Story.

  • 2 min read

Hi, I’m Doug Gleason the founder of True Blue Pet Products

First, I’d like to say a big thanks to all of the retailers who carry True Blue. Our mission was to make the best possible products for our best friends and we couldn’t do that without your help.

Before starting True Blue, I worked for big companies like Carnation, Nestle, and Disney, developing and launching new products. But I always knew I wanted to have my own business and since I’ve always loved animals and always had pets, I knew I wanted to make pet products.

I started with products I wanted for my own dog, a lovable lab named Sam, but couldn’t find. This was back in 2008 and if you wanted to use all natural products there was a big trade-off because they just didn’t work as well as the ones loaded with chemicals and synthetics.

We call our product development philosophy “Nature Plus Science.”  We started with all natural ingredients but we also wanted the expertise of vets because not everything natural is right for every animal. We worked with Washington State University, which is one of the leading veterinary schools in the country, to help us select the safest and most effective natural ingredients so we could develop all natural products that really work.

So let’s talk about shampoo for a minute. Now you may be thinking, what does shampoo have to do with wellness? Well, here’s the story. A lot of shampoos can strip the natural oils out of a pet’s skin, which makes for very dry skin. Dry skin is itchy skin! 

When a dog has itchy skin, they typically scratch or bite to get relief. But unfortunately, that can cause hot spots. So our mission was to develop shampoos that clean beautifully without stripping out those beneficial, natural oils of the skin. We never want to be the cause of dry skin. 

It turns out that grapefruit is perfect for that because it cleans without stripping the oils...and it also smells great! So that’s one of our key ingredients in our Super Fresh Dog Shampoo.

The same issue came up when we were developing our Body and Paw Wipes. A lot of our pet parents were telling us that they like to use a wipe every single day, but they worry about drying out the skin on the pads of the paws. So, then we thought about how can we have a wipe that adds moisture back to the skin but not leave the fur greasy, because the skin and fur is all over the body. Well, it turns out that macadamia nut extract is perfect for that. It cleans beautifully without stripping out oils and it actually adds moisture back into the skin - but no greasy feel!

So what makes True Blue products different? Here’s the bottom line.  Our products are made with all natural ingredients, with the expertise of vets, and they really, really work!