Does my dog need conditioner ?

A Good Conditioner Benefits the Coat and the Skin!

For humans, we think of hair care and skincare as two separate things. But since our pets have hair all over their bodies, hair care and skincare become one. 

Benefits of A Dog Conditioner

  • It repairs skin and coat. The job of a conditioner is to replace the oils that shampoo may strip off a dog's skin in the process of cleaning.
  • It makes the coat plumper & glossy.
  • It reduces static (avoiding the scary shocks)
  • It acts as a de-shedding and de-tangling treatment
  • MADE in the USA conditioners are quality checked in the USA

A conditioner is great for long coats, but even dogs with short coats can benefit from adding moisture to the skin!

Note: For wire-haired dogs, you may not want to use a conditioner if the pet parent prizes the wiry texture in the hair.