Clean Ears are Healthy Ears: How to Reduce Ear Infections by 90%

  • 3 min read
We’re fans of Wellness, the idea of taking simple preventative actions to stay healthy. And it’s just as relevant for our pets as for ourselves. Ear Care is a perfect example of where a Wellness approach is so powerful!
When talking with our Vet Experts, they pointed out that Ear infections are the #1 cause of visits to the Vet, yet they’re mostly preventable with proper care. The Vets estimated that we could prevent 9 out of 10 ear infections with regular home cleanings.
Some dogs may rarely need to have their ears cleaned. But many breeds are prone to getting ear infections, especially long-eared breeds like Cocker Spaniels and many hounds. Also, dogs who swim frequently may be at higher risk. If your dog shows any signs of discomfort when you gently massage the ears, it may be a sign of infection. Also notice if your dog's ears look red or inflamed, or if there is an odor or yeasty smell. If so, it's time to call your veterinarian. But let's hope we never get to that point and put our focus on prevention.
So how do we make cleaning a pet’s ears easier? My own experience with my Labrador Sam was that he truly hated having ear cleaning liquids poured in his ears. If he saw me reach for that particular bottle, he would literally run away as fast as his legs would carry him! And even when I would corral him and administer the liquid, he would wildly shake his head and make a mess. I also tried ear cleaning powders,  but found them hard to use and messy as well.
So we decided to create a pre-moistened ear cleaning wipe. Our Super Easy Ear Wipes are simple to use and help clean away the dirt, wax, and debris which can lead to infections.
We start with a hard-working textured pad that’s just the right size and shape to work on the ears, and then marry that to an all-natural cleaning solution with Lemon and Marigold.
Lemon cleans while promoting healthy blood vessels, while Marigold softens and smooths the delicate skin in your pet’s ear.
Most Pet Parents find the wipes are easier to use than ear cleaning liquids or powders. Here are just a few of the comments from TrueBlue customers:
"My dog had a problem with dark brown waxy build-up in her ears. Her ears were also an angry red color, and she would scratch and whine. I cleaned them frequently with other vet-developed natural ear cleaners and nothing helped. I used TrueBlue wipes a few times on her, and when I cleaned her ears today, I noticed that they were no longer red, they looked pale pink, and healthy, and I barely got any dirt out of her ears, and almost no dark brown waxy build-up. I am super impressed with this product!"
"I use this to clean my dog’s floppy ears. It is gentle and has a light, pleasing fragrance. Most importantly, my dog does not mind my wiping her ears at all."
"Only wipes I trust and like to use for my French bulldogs ears"
Clean Ears are Healthy Ears!
If your dog actually does have an ear infection, then it’s time to talk to your Vet. Our wipes aren’t meant to treat infections, but to stop them from happening. Cleaning an infected ear can sometimes make the problem worse.
Dental Care is another great example of preventative health care …. where a stich in time save nine.