Made in the USA

All our TrueBlue products are made & sourced in the USA.

Pet parents these days want to know more about the products they buy for their "best friends"... they want these products to be just as high quality as the ones they buy for themselves, and they're asking questions like

  • Where are they made?
  • What ingredients and materials were used?
  • Can the manufacturer guarantee the highest quality standards?

So we wanted to let you know that all our TrueBlue products are made in the USA. And on top of that all our ingredients are sourced in the USA as well !


Dog in Blue Lake

Our True Blue Promise

Natural Ingredients

Organic + Natural Ingredients

Vet Formulated

Vet Formulated

Safe and Effective

Guaranteed Safe

Planet Friendly

Planet Friendly

Made in USA

Proudly Made in the USA