• Super Easy Ear Wipes

Super Easy Ear Wipes

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Ear infections are one of the leading causes of vet visits—yet they’re mostly preventable with proper care. These ear wipes are simple to use and safely clean away dirt, wax, and debris that can lead to infections. Clean ears are healthy ears!

Key Benefits

  • Pre-moistened wipes that help clean dirt and wax from ears
  • Lemon cleans while promoting healthy blood vessels
  • Marigold softens and soothes the delicate skin in your pet’s ears
  • Easy way to help prevent ear infections
  • Made in the USA


Water, Witch Hazel, Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Boric Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Peppermint Leaf Extract, Chamomile, Green Tea, Marigold, Organic Aloe Vera, Apple Fruit Extract, Sugar Cane, Lemon Fruit Extract, Natural Preservatives.


Gently wipe ears to remove dirt and debris. Do not reach into ear canal.

Customer Reviews

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Best Ear Wipes

I have used these wipes since my 11 year old furbaby has been a puppy. I am not sure who recommended them but they are hard to find in any pet store, so I ordered them online from the company. Banjo's ears are the only thing that he hates being touched or cleaned for that matter. But he tolerates it I think because one, I am his mum, and two, because these do not make him shake his head in discomfort or sting in any way. I love these wipes because they are huge enough for my almost 100 pound mutt. I can use both sides for one ear (just make sure to string out any excess liquid before cleaning ears). They make his ears smell pretty nice too.


My puppy loves it!

Better than other wipes I've tried

I was using wipes that were pretty good, but they had a fragrance that lingered and was unpleasant to the humans in the house. These wipes are larger, seem to be thicker and have a texture that makes it easier to remove ear debris/dirt from my boxer/lab mix. As for the fragrance - it is pleasant, clean smelling and does not linger for hours. Seems to be as effective in relieving itch, discomfort. I am very pleased with this product.

I recommend this to anyone

It is easy to use the best thing ever

GREAT size of pads to use for dogs and pups

LOVE THIS PRODUCT and ORDERED IT TWICE NOW. GREAT size PADS, Good cleaner and Ribbed pads to get all dirt from ear flaps. RECOMMENDED