Learn why Dental Wipes are a better alternative than a toothbrush

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Hi, I’m Doug Gleason the founder of True Blue Pet Products. 

We’re here today to talk about pet dental care. When we were developing the True Blue products, we talked to the vets at Washington State University, one of the leading veterinary schools in the nation. 

We talked to the vets a lot about overall pet health. They told us that the single thing that most pet parents could do to improve the health and well-being of their pet would be better dental care. 

Now dental care is important, obviously, because it’s important to the teeth and gums. But it’s also important for overall health. Did you know that infection in the gums actually can travel to other parts of the body through the bloodstream?

Of course brushing is great, but the reality is that it’s just too difficult to make a regular habit of.  So then we thought about something really easy, like a water additive or a spray-on foam or gel. But the vets actually implored us not to do that. They said you need friction to really remove tartar and plaque. That’s why we humans brush our teeth instead of just rinsing with mouthwash.

That’s when we came up with the idea of a pre-moistened wipe. We started off with an all natural cleansing solution using baking soda, peppermint, and parsley. All safe ingredients for pets and even for humans! 

Now then we developed a textured pad, because the texture helps pull the plaque away from the teeth and gums. 

Let’s take a look…

First, you simply wrap the wipe around your finger. Then get into the dog’s mouth, and vigorously rub the teeth and gums all the way around the front and back, teeth and gums.

Now, why is this easier than brushing? A couple things:

First, you can get in and out much more quickly with your finger than you can with a brush.

Secondly, it’s less scary for the dog. And thirdly, we added a little bit of natural liver flavor to make the whole experience more fun for the animal.

Occasionally I will have people say to me, “I take my dog for a cleaning once or twice a year, so I’m good.” I can’t help but think, what if you only took your kids to the dental hygienist twice a year but never made them brush in between? Probably not a good idea. The same goes for our furry friends. They really need at home dental care between professional cleanings. 

Now of course, I’m going to say that our True Blue products are terrific, but let’s hear from some of our pet parents.  This is from Kelly Johnson and her Vizsla, Rudy, in Weston, Connecticut. She writes to us:

“Our twelve year old Vizsla, Rudy, had just had a dental cleaning at the vets six months ago, but his back teeth were already covered in tartar again and his gums were red instead of a healthy pink. He’s also been a dog that is just prone to collecting tartar. We started using True Blue dental swipes and after a couple of days his bad breath, which could normally knock you over, was much improved. Now, about a week and a half later his gums are back to a healthy pink and there seems to be less tartar on his teeth. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Then here’s a note from Richy Weinstein in Bayfield, Colorado. He says:

“I have two maltese dogs whose teeth are very difficult to clean. Like most dogs, they are resistant to brushing. I can really scrub their teeth with these wipes without too much squirming. The pads have little nibs on one side and it really helps take off debris and minor stains. I like that the ingredients are all natural and I use the wipes several times a week. I highly recommend this product!

So the bottom line is that our Fast and Fresh Dental Wipes are the perfect solution to help pet parents provide better dental care. They’re effective like brushing, but much, much easier to use.

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