Healthy Start Puppy Wellness Kit

Quantity: Set of Three

Puppy Wellness Kit -Essentials You Need for a Healthy Start  -SAVE 15% 

Your house is filled with love for your new puppy. Our puppy Kit contains USA MADE products: puppy shampoo, body and paw wipes, and dental wipesto keep them clean and healthy from their first day at home. These puppy-safe products will teach them early that baths, wipes, and teeth wipes are fun and part of their life.

With Pure & Sure Puppy Wipes you can help keep your mischievous puppy clean. Pre-moistened wipes remove dirt, dander, drool, and other unmentionables from nose to tail. Carry them with you so you can clean your puppy's paws anywhere

Learn More about the Puppy Wipes

Need a bath? Now you can easily keep your new puppy clean with an extra-gentle, soothing, tear-free bath.This shampoo was carefully designed to clean without stripping the beneficial natural oils in your puppy’s coat. Bathe your puppy as often as you like without worrying about drying out the skin, itching, or flaking!Learn More About Pure & Sure Puppy Shampoo

Train Your Puppy to Like Teeth Cleaning with our Gentle Dental Wipes

Our gentle wipes clean your puppy's teeth easily without a toothbrush.  Most importantly, if you train them early to like getting their teeth cleaned, you will create a lifetime teeth wellness program.Many pet lovers find using our wipesmuch easier than brushing, yet they provide similar oral health benefits..Learn More about Dental Wipes


Welcome home Fido!



We will keep creating safe and natural products to keep you healthy.

Pawsitively Yours, The Team at True Blue

Note: Our Puppy products are safe for puppies 10 weeks and up and 2 lbs and up.